Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Friend Binz

Tonight, sicky Heidi (literally sick, she hacked all night!) and I took a little drive to Binz's house to check out her newly put up Christmas decorations. Turns out our little Binz has quite the decorating knack; who knew?! This is her and her beautiful tree - complete with silver, brown and pear-colored ornaments. Impressive!!  (sorry, the pic is a bit blurry)

The three of us get along so well; I always enjoy when we spend time together. I'm not trying to be mushy, but seriously, I love them. The things we enjoy doing together include: getting drinks at Starbucks (some drinks hotter than others...), making nachos at Lindsay's and scraping cheese off the bottom of the pan, hittin' up the Winston Mariachi for good deals and ensuring Heidi knows how to use her Blackberry.

1 comment:

  1. My tree looks like crap in that pic LOL! oh gosh. That picture did my decorating skills NO justice haha p.s. I enjoy doing all those things with you guys toooooo :) Love you both xoxo