Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where to start?

I have to admit I am slightly lost right multiple ways: First, I am confused how to work this whole "blogging" thing; where to put posts, what to put on my profile etc. Second, what the heck do I talk about?! Third, who is actually going to read my blog?! I think I need to do some brainstorming. What if my life turns out to be boring and no one wants to read my blog?! I feel like I need a purpose to have a blog...or at least an umbrella topic.

I am watching The Bourne Identity on channel 40 right now - I enjoy this movie.

Maybe I can write about books?! I looooove reading...I'm planning on reading for a bit before I fall asleep tonight. I am reading Russell Peters' book - I heart him a lot because he is super duper funny. The book is interesting; I enjoy reading about his life but it jumps around a lot which is irritating to me!

Peace out!


  1. Your life boring!?! I don't think so. You already have picture of a famous guy! Seriously good on you for starting this blog...I'll be checking up on you making sure you keep it up to date.

  2. Thanks Eliza for commenting :) :) I am glad that you have faith that my life isn't boring...although perhaps some of our stories aren't blog appropriate?! (hehe - KIDDING)

    Please do keep me in line and make sure I keep this thing up to date...I need to keep my readers entertained!! (the grand total of 4 now...haha)


    I agree with Liza, your life boring?! HA I get texts from you saying you got 80% on your Punjabi test! I'm Indian and I couldn't even get that :) I've had wayyy too many laughs with you to ever think you wouldn't have anything to write about. Well I don't know if you can write all of it lol but I'm sure most of it. Good luck and after you had sent me your bucket list a few months ago, I started one in Africa. It's going well and thanks for inspiring me to start living my life in the now! Love you lots!!! I'm going to bookmark your blog page :)

  4. Yayyyy Thanks Minder!!! Love you lots :)