Monday, December 27, 2010

3 Things.

1. Pants & I just tried to find a bar around here to sit and have a drink. Boy, did we find a special bar!! It was about 10 minutes away, and there were about 5 people in it. It was karaoke night as well, and this one lady REALLY enjoyed her karaoke! She butchered about 6 songs in the span of time we were there. It was pretty entertaining. Needless to say, we only stayed for one drink and came back home.

2. I am in love with the Dos Equis commercials!! I hadn't seen the one that goes "His mom has a tattoo that says son" and it cracks me up every time! Oh and "When he goes to museums, he is allowed to touch the artifacts". I really, really think they are very well thought up & hilarious!!!! 

3. My hair is soooo curly around here. I know it's curly naturally, but add a bit of humidity and I look like Monica when she went to Barbados!! Some may say it's "cute" or "has a lot of volume", but let me tell you, it's gettin' a little wild.

Heading to bed now...nighty night!

1 comment:

  1. hair did the "Monica" on our honeymoon cruise too. This is why ponytails were invented. Nice pics...glad you all are having fun. It's weird not seeing you all on Christmas!
    Miss you!