Friday, December 10, 2010

Blood: it's in you NOT to give?

As you all now know, giving blood as often as I am eligible to is on my bucket list. So for the first time ever, I made an appointment for the day that I was at my two month eligibility again. Usually I make an appointment whenever I think about it, or whenever they call me to harass-oops I mean "remind" me of it. As you also all know, I don't eat meat. This therefore means I sometimes have a slightly low iron I went to the blood clinic this morning and the lady pricked my finger and it turns out my iron wasn't high enough to donate! I feel slightly rejected; and now I can't donate for another two months! Darn. Can I get an A+ for effort on this item of my bucket list?!

Second, I would like to announce that I had the prawns - and they were DELISH! They had a very flavorful creamy curry sauce on them and were cooked beautifully. It was served with basmati rice and some veggies. I also had a raspine martini - not bad, very tart though. The restaurant is super cute with a great view of the beach. How do I become a food critic?! This is fun!

Thirdly, I learned that my little sister really enjoys a good tumbler full o' sangria!! I came home from dinner and "needed a drink to take the edge off" (aka I was being grumpy) so my sis, ma & pa all joined me in having some sangria. A lil' fruit punch, red wine, blueberries & raspberries - voila! We had a grand time...a little alcohol goes a LOOOONNNNGGG way for my mom, let us tell you! Love you mom ;)

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