Friday, December 10, 2010

Choices, choices

Here is where I am going for dinner this evening...the Washington Avenue Grill in White Rock! I have heard stellar things about it, but have yet to actually go there myself. So, at work right now I am trying to make the big, pressing decision of what to order. The curry & kahula prawns: 10 tiger prawns pan seared in a Kahula and yellow curry cream reduction? YUMM...or,  a classic salmon filet: Cajun crusted, citrus dill yogurt? Well this is just the dilemna of the century I have on my hands here! I will let you know my decision later this evening...until then, I should do some work while at work...

And just so we are clear, no, it's not on a date! (I wish!) I am going for a work thingy.

Feel free to make your own suggestion to me as well!


  1. the tiger prawns with the sauce!
    It's a sister restaurant to the Vault which I like lots. I hear it's yummy! They sent me a free dinner thingy for my bday :)

  2. my parents have been to the vault a couple times and really like it!! I enjoyed the food at the wag for should defs go for your bday!!! (which is in 57 minutes I might add...)