Monday, December 20, 2010

Get ready we come!

I think I have enough stuff...packing always freaks me out because you never know if you are going to forget anything!! Heres my list:

Socks & undies
Runners & chuples
2 dresses
A lot of tank tops
Some capris
Some shorts
Shampoo/conditioner etc....
Camera (battery is currently charging)
Laptop (so I can BLOG!!)
Bathing suits

If it looks like I'm missing anything, HOLLA! I am going to try to keep y'all in the loop of our whereabouts & whathaveyou while we are chillin' & relaxin' all cool.

I also went to visit my Oma in the hospital this afternoon. She is not doing too well as she has a lot of health concerns initially but on top of that now has pneumonia. She is really weak and frequently gets low oxygen levels. I hope that she is ok!! Get better Oma!! xoxo

I got to visit with my good pal Christina this evening who moved to Montreal - it was such a lovely visit! It was like we barely even missed a beat even though she has been gone for 2 years - hard to believe. Miss you girlfriend! xoxo

I am heading to bed to get some beauty rest before the Spier Adventure 2010 begins....Hawaii will never be the same...

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