Friday, December 24, 2010

I like it when the almonds & smarties mix.

So, my brother is practically dragging me out of the house to walk to McDonalds right now, but I am such a committed blogger that I told him I HAD to post before we left. He's tapping his foot waiting for me - not even lying! Anywho, today we went snorkeling at a beach on the South end of the island. It was super fun - there were some GIANT waves at one end of the beach that we almost died jumping into. Seriously, they were probably 10 - 12 feet! A few photos of today...

Pants taking pix while snorkeling.

The hugeeeee turtle we saw!!

A cool tree.

The ginormous waves we body surfed. (my mom claims she almost drowned...)

See me, my dad & Pants in the middle floating?!

My new sunnies!!

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