Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"It's so green; it's like I'm inside a lime"

Good evening!!

I forgot to tell you all that we went back to the cute little Italian restaurant by our hotel called Bobby V's for dinner last night! Overall, we thought the food was really yummy however the service was meh & the actual location is about the size of my bedroom so it makes it difficult for serving etc. We had to eat with plastic cutlery because apparently they had been too busy to wash their silverware & had run out...that was interesting! I had butternut squash ravioli & it had a really yummy, fresh tasting marinara sauce on it. Pants had chicken pesto pasta and seriously, I think it was the best pesto I have EVER eaten!!! I would go back just to order that. (minus the chicken though)

Today was rainy all day again so we went on a trek to the Kauai coffee company, a waterfall, a beach to look for turtles & a restaurant called Kalapaki Joe's. We had suuuuper yummy nachos as an appy - they had freshly cut jalepenos on them which my dad & I loved, as well as a bit of tomato sauce on the top layer underneath all the baked cheese. (Heid, I even could scrape some off the plate & it was crispy & delish!!) We really, REALLY enjoyed all of our food & it was reasonably priced so we would go back. The service was really not great at all, but the food compensated for that slightly.

Below are some photos of the day. Tomorrow we have to be up bright & early and are going kayaking! I'll letcha know how that goes...

PS - my blog title is from a movie...has anyone seen Death at a Funeral?? It's a hilarrrrious movie!!! My brother & I use this line allllll the time.

Can you spot the little gecko in the middle of the sign? This was at the waterfall.

This is the waterfall we saw... compared to Niagara Falls which I saw this summer, this was nothin'!


A cool fern - for mine & my dads plant obsession.

A big-ass cactus! Don't mess with him.

Ben sippin a cuppa joe at the coffee factory. My favorite was the Coconut Caramel Crunch.

My beloved favorite chuples resting at the beach watching Pants & my dad play in the waves.

The sunset we saw whilst trying to turtle watch.


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