Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just me and my paddle...

Classic mom shot: waving at everyone & taking a "break" from paddling

Pants in his solo kayak

Check out the rhythm Ben & I have goin' on! We worked really hard to achieve that - serious!

Pants should seriously be a guide for these tours - he was waaay ahead of everyone the entire time & not even tired!

Look at how deep the mud is!!! It was like this for practically half the time - it's really hard to keep your shoes on the whole time..

My mom wanted us to tell people this was a 200 ft drop to make this trip seem as dramatic as she felt it was; in reality it was about 10 ft. Still sketch, you had to hang on to this measly rope on the right...

Family shot!

My parents lost their kayak among the sea of kayaks

So today, we went on a kayaking adventure. We didn't realize there was also a mile-long hike associated with this kayak trip! My mom just had a heart attack when she heard there was a hiking part. But she was a trooper and survived! We kayaked for 2.5 miles, hiked for 1 to a waterfall (that wasn't even all that great in my opinion - see family photo), hiked back 1 mile again & then kayaked 2.5 miles back. Ben & I had a tandem kayak, my parents had a tandem & Pants had a solo kayak. The kayaking wasn't bad at all, quite enjoyable actually. Total trip time: 4ish hours. If you've ever watched Survivorman, Pants always quotes things he has said & tips he's given on his show about the wilderness. (Secretly, I think he is Pants' role model!) Todays was: "It's so nice out here on the water - just me and my paddle." Ben & I cracked up!!!

The hike was quite something. It was super duper muddy as there has been a lot of rain the past two days; so if you look in my pictures...those are some of the hiking conditions we faced! Not fun. We got to the waterfall, swam a bit, then hiked back to our kayaks. My parents had some difficultly locating theirs again...but they eventually did.

I should also add in that my dad thought it'd be cool to wear the underwater camera on his head with the head strap the whole hike & kayak ride back. It was on a setting to take one picture every 10 seconds - so we have a LOT of photos of this adventure if anyones interested! These are just a very, very select few... he looked really cool too...

Then we came home, lounged by the pool for a couple hours & made fajitas for dinner. Lovely evening after an outdoorsy morning!

More tomorrow :)

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