Monday, December 20, 2010


Tonight was my work Christmas party. It was fun, but I am really quite done with them in all honesty!  I feel like I have been doing the exact same thing for 8 years now and...well, it's ok, but not spectacular anymore. It's a great event and the people who put it on do an amazing job, and all the "young-uns" have a great drunken time, but I prefer to come home to this...

KD with lotsa pepper; sometimes a lil' ketchup

My candle on my bedside table - twisted peppermint is the current holiday scent! Mmm...
I am heading to bed as I have to work tomorrow morning! Booo...but it's my last day and then I don't work for 16 days! Ahh...sleeping I will love thee!

Good night :)


  1. hey send some of that mac and cheez my way buddy!! mmm! ps i love your bedside table :)

  2. 8 years at the "Y", really!?! 'member when we were "young-uns"?

  3. 8 years Eliza...isn't that NUTS??? We had such good times back in the day...not that we still don't, just different good times.