Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Not-So-Little Benny

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE SISTER!!!!!!! It's not just any's her 19th birthday! I'm not gonna lie, makes me feel a little old...haha! Now she can do the following:

We went for dinner this evening at the Mongolie Grill which was so, so, so yummy and then went to Cascades to play a little blackjack. Jen was the only one of out SEVEN of us who won any money - lucky duck, happy birthday to her! I hope my little sis had a fabulous day because she deserves one - I love you to the moon and back times nine Ben! xoxo

PS: Mirage next Friday, December 17th for those interested - we're partyin' it up!!! Wooooo!!


  1. woooo-ooo! Happy birthday big girl! :) I still remember snuggling you when you were a couple days old. o my!

  2. p.s. i like how your pictures are

  3. i know she has grown up so much hey?! we talked about how my brother couldn't pronounce her name when she was born...he called her "jeffiner" for the longest time!

    ohhh i just did a little editing to the photos! A little color saturation & tint edit ;) i enjoy playing around with pictures sometimes!