Sunday, December 12, 2010


My sister, Mitch & I got stoned last night:

At the Blarneystone! It was my little sisters first bar/club (whatever you want to call the Blarneystone) experience for her friend Renee's birthday. (from L to R: Julia, David, Mitch, Elissa, Jen & Renee in the middle)

 We got there at 7:58 pm (we know this because 8 pm is when they start charging cover - the Dutch in us took over) and had dinner before everyone else came. The food was actually really tasty and really cheap! Mitch and I had burgers & fries; Jen had a wrap & fries and they were all $10. We didn't stay super late; we are leaving the major party-partying for next Friday for MIRAGE! (everyone should come)

It was super fun being at the Blarneystone and reminiscing about Eliza meeting Justin there...I think that was the last time I had been there was when the two of them randomly met on the street outside the bar. What a funny night that was...two years ago already and now they are getting married in January. Hooray!  (You're welcome Eliza, for dragging you out of  bed that night to come downtown with me!!!)

Prior to getting stoned, we went our bro's hockey game. There were super cute little kiddies running around everyone. One in particular had the time of her life just climbing up and down the stands (well, attempting to climb!) She was probably 18 months old and was super adorable with her little Puma runners on. Speaking of runners, this is my abstract photo of Jen & I watching Pants & Mitch's game....

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