Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Family Dinner

Tonight we had Christmas dinner at my Aunty Coralees - it's been a while since our entire family has all been together (dad's side) and it was really nice to visit with everyone. Michael & Coralee cooked a fabulous dinner even though she wasn't feeling too hot (I hope you feel better Aunt!), I dragged out the details of Adriens new "gf" from him (he's apprehensive to bring her to family events, weird hey?!), Soraya & I made sangria out of wine and punch and Bailey ignored us all. All in all a super fun night!! Pictures are below....

PS - still no more flat tires this week! I guess God is looking out for me and giving me a week off from buying tires...
Coralee with my cousin Bailey who follows her around and doesn't care to acknowledge anyone else...even though I lived with him for a week!
The WHOLE Spier Family!
...yes, we kinda planned the color scheme...aren't we cute though?!
I love my sister.


  1. I really like the last pic of us :) it turned out quite cute!

  2. How did I not notice this post before? Bailey acknowledges barking!!! It looks like your Dad's hand is patting my head in the group shot!