Friday, December 24, 2010

Uh Oh.

Well, my bed buddy & I snuggled a little too much I think and I got her cold. That has now turned into a rip roaring cough, complete with chest pains, runny nose & an extremely sore throat. Hers isn't as bad as mine, but together we are quite the pair. I am angry because we want to go scuba diving but I can't if my ears are all plugged! So hopefully I get better ASAP and we can go towards the end of our trip.

My daddy & bro just walked to Safeway to get us some meds...


  1. HEY EVERYONE!! SHAN!! sorry to here your are sick:( JUST WANTED to wish everyone a HAPPY christmas eve and hope your having the best time LOVE YOU GUYS XOXOX jc

  2. ooo pumpkin! totally lame! well hopefully the fresh air will do ya good!

  3. that was me (heidi)...oops sorry!

  4. Thanks JC!!! Love you too :)

    Heid..I'll kyp on the fresh air. I'm just super bummed that I might not be able to dive :(