Saturday, December 25, 2010

Where's Nemo?

First of all, my computer is acting funny. I don't know if it's on data overload because we are putting lots of pictures & videos on it, but it keeps doing weird things. For example, I just typed out the huge, long, detailed post with pictures and all and Firefox had to shut down. Weird. Anywho...

We went snorkeling again today, surprise surprise! It's a big family hit - we all really like it. So we drove North up the coast and stopped at a cool lighthouse along the way. Then we came home to watch Elf (a Spier family Christmas tradition) but we all got tired so we are going to finish it tomorrow. It's super weird being in the tropics for tree, no gifts, no dinners with the grandparents...this is totally great, just very different after 25 years of a certain type of Christmas!!

The reef that we were snorkeling at had a lot more fishies than yesterday. There was also an intense drop off. There were lots of rocks and coral, then all of a sudden you were swimming and the water was just super deep and there appeared to be nothing underneath you! It was like that scene from Finding Nemo when Nemo is repeatedly told not to leave the reef...but he does. It was a little bit creepy but kinda cool.

On the cold front, I still feel very crummy. Which sucks because I want to go diving!!!! :(

Here are some photos of the day...I took lots today! Enjoy my artistic shots ;)

Lil sis is bringin' sexy back with her new hat

A cool sign we saw at a craft market

The lighthouse & scenery

"Hiking" to our snorkel location

Me & lil sis doin' the "hang loose" as we pose for our underwater photographer

Speaking of, here is our underwater photographer!

A classic beach photo, I couldn't resist!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope everyone & their families enjoys some quality time together.



  1. I'm guessing that was you Mitch...thanks for commenting!!! ;)