Friday, January 14, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray

Guess what! My internet works again on my laptop!! I didn't do anything to it; simply powered her up and voila - I had internet again. This was last night, and now again there is still internet so hopefully it doesn't decide to leave me anymore. Justin you must have worked your magic on it somehow!

I am going to meet up with a girl at the sky train station shortly to sell a textbook...if I go missing, her name was Helen. (haha, kidding) I've been buying & selling textbooks on craigslist this week. I got a $200 economics textbook yesterday for $40!!! (my sister did my dirty work for me & made the exchange at SFU) It takes a bit of time, but it's completely worth saving/making money in the end!

I am teaching an aquafit instructor course this weekend at a different YMCA...I'm not totally looking forward to it but I am looking forward to it being over tomorrow at 6:30! I also signed up to teach past of an AWSI class on Sunday 12 - 5 pm to help someone out. Again, not really looking forward to all this extra stuff but oh well. What doesn't kill me will only make me stronger! ;)


  1. yay! (thanks for the shout out in the previous blog btw). Since it's a hardware issue, it might stay alive for a long time and the suddenly die again without notice. Hopefully it just decides to stick around for a while :)

  2. turns out i spoke too's not working again!! haha but not to worry - I am a tech expert and can connect my phone to my computer & use the internet that way ;) haha