Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Heart Books

So for those of you who don't know, I am a big bookworm. Like, I would read from morning until night if life allowed me. (anyone know a job where I can just read??) It's almost geeky how much I like reading & how much I worship books. I love the stories, drama and excitement a book brings - it's like you are in an entirely different world for that moment. A fantastic author can even make you feel like you are part of the story, however rockstar or rubbish it may be.

Heidi sent me a link today (thanks Heid!!!!) for a website that I could spend hours on: Bookshelf Porn. It's for those people like me who think that books are beautiful and that the more books on a shelf the better! I found this image quote on the site that I thought was adorable:
I mean, I don't really need a boy to build me bookshelves since I already have Timmy! Timmy is Heidi's husband who built me a bookshelf for my birthday a couple years back. Until I find my own boy to build me book shelves, I'm gonna have to continue to borrow him.This is my gorgeous book shelf when I first got it: (it has since acquired a lot more books!!) 

This was one of my favorite book shelves from the site. Can you even IMAGINE being so lucky as to have a book shelf this giant?! I'd be in heaven.

The site is:

When I was in Hawaii I read four books. I was quite proud of myself because I felt like I was in the like numbers of completed books that my parents usually read on vacations! (I think I get my worm-ish habits from them) I read: A Widow for One Year (by John Irving; his writing is always very interesting/weird yet thought provoking), Stolen Innocence (by Elissa Wall; her autobiography of growing up in & escaping a polygamous community), Into Thin Air (by Jon Krakauer; his story of climbing Mt. Everest) and Best Friends Forever (by Jennifer Weiner; a light, warm story of two once high school friends). I really enjoyed all four - I don't think I could pick which I enjoyed the most because they were all so unique. I have since reconsidered my decision, but at the time of reading Into Thin Air, I announced to my family that I would like to climb Mt. Everest. At the time their laughter did not deter me; I was determined that I could do it if I wanted to. But now that I'm done the book, the climb doesn't seem as cool. Because obviously I could do it if I wanted to... a little cold temperature & low oxygen levels is totally up my alley...

I need to give a shout out to my book club here. I have the most amazing book club in the entire world! They are a group of fabulous girls and collectively, we could conquer the world. They are all independent, strong, caring, and super fun women. We like to enjoy wine & mojitos together on our many adventures. Our motto is: Eat, drink & be merry. Oh, and we like reading every now & then too! But seriously, much to everyone's disbelief, we DO read. To date we have read & discussed 17 books, Love ya BCF!!


  1. hamn here, can you reccomend me a good romance that keeps you saying " awwww " :) ?

  2. Hammy!!! Thanks for commenting :) hmmm I haven't read a ton of romance novels, but gone with the wind is my all time favorite book and its classical romance. Let me ponder more options!