Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scuba Spiers

Posing for a photo before our excursion - Jens last photo if she were to not make it out of the excursion alive.

The "before" shot - En route to dive location in our super cool wetsuits

My fins are the red bottomed ones - Christian Louboutin style ;)

The three kiddos following our dive instructor

The "after" photo - check out the ocean hair! Ah!

My sister, who has never been diving before did super duper well today!!! She had some apprehensions but swam like one of the fish once she was down there - a natural born scuba star. We had lots of fun, saw tons of turtles and even heard dolphins!


  1. wow! way to go Ben!! (and shan...but you're already a pro!) I don't know if I could do it! but really great photos!

  2. Woah cool! Hey I think this is the same dive place that I went diving with. Is it sort of on the north east part of the island? Is there a small mexican buritto place close to it??