Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shave Ice & Coconuts Mon

I am really, really, REALLY not looking forward to coming back to the reality of school & work. I just realized today that we only have 2 more days of vacationing left and then a travel day...can I just move here permanently? Any takers that want to come with me? Everything is just so laid back here. I feel like theres no pressure and no stress around here. I could be totally wrong, but I can definately tell that the lifestyle is different. I like that theres no major chain restaurants dominating the island. I like that the mall consists of a Macys & Sears. It's very refreshing!

Today we had a chill day. Pants & I laid by the pool for a bit this morning to catch some rays, then me, lil sis and my parents went to shop in Kapa'a (the town not far from here). There were some nice jewelry stores, some touristy stores and a cool farmers market that we hit up. We had shave ice whilst we shopped (the Hawaaiin snow cone) and at the farmers market we bought an ice cold coconut! They open it up for you and you can drink the coconut milk, then you give it back to them and they cut out all the coconut fruit from the inside and put it in a bag for you to eat. Much to my dismay, coconut milk from inside the coconut is clear! And it tastes kinda like sweet milk. The fruit I really enjoyed - it was coconuty but not too intense of a flavor. Then we came home & my sous chef (lil sis) and I made pasta & caeser salad for a lovely dinner. Now we are going to watch the movie Wall Street and tomorrow we are going scuba diving which makes me super duper excited. I feel much better since last week when I felt like death...but unfortunately I can't say the same for my pops. He is a little under the weather...sorry for passing it along dad :(

Photos from the day...

We went to a glass blowing store in which all the art was absolutley gorgeous! This was my favorite piece because of its size and colors. When I win the lottery I will purchase it! (it was almost $6000)

Eating our shave ice - mine was strawberry, raspberry & passion fruit.

Drinking coconut milk!

A cool  hairy fruit from the same stand that sold us the coconut. I don't remember what they are called but they are from the lychee family.

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