Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can I just say that I was so glad that I was away this year and didn't have to figure out something to do for new years?! New years is so overrated and it gets so ridiculous and I think it's stupid. I get frustrated every year and whine about what I am going to do but thankfully my parents solved that problem for me. However, I do hope everyone had a fun evening despite the daunting task of finding something to do and I wish all the best for 2011 :)

We have had a few adventures in the past couple days that I will pictorially illustrate for you all.  Where did I leave off....kayaking was the last post so that means that the next day, we tried to have a chill by the pool, catch some rays day. Turns out it was rainy all morning, but I still had faith and layed out on the beach & read in the rain. (it was still warm though so I'm not totally crazy)

Proof that there were giant rain drops coming down on me as I painstakingly waited for my friend the sun.
Then from behind the clouds came Mr. Sun!!! In my excitement, I naturally proceeded to not put sunscreen on which lead to some raccoon eyes and some red skin for me - not to worry, it's since turned into a tan. We layed gloriously in the sun all afternoon and then went for dinner to a cute place called Dukes.

Pants' raccoon eyes are way worse than mine
The next day (Friday) was pretty cool - we went tubing down an irrigation channel of an old pineapple plantation! We met at the Outrigger Adventure warehouse, took a big yellow SUV up a bumpy mountain...

...and then got into an inner tube with a head lamp on and jumped in the canal! We only have video of it; no pictures...sorry. We went through lots of tunnels (hence the head lamps) and learned some history of that mountain & plantation. (don't ask me to remember it...)We had a really funny guide (Jason) so that made the trip good for a laugh. We did stop for a family photo on the ride up.

ALOHA from the Spiers! (the guides made us do wasn't our idea)

In the evening on Friday (new years), we went for dinner at Kalapaki Joes & had the yummy nachos again and then saw some fireworks at Poipu beach. We were home when midnight came around layin' low and playing crib.
I learned that my camera had a fireworks setting on it - so I had to take lots of photos
And now that brings us to today! Lil sis & I went shopping this morning. There isn't much super amazing shopping (unless you count all the tourist shops) but there is a Macys and they were having some new years sales. I bought a pair of black pointy toed Nine West pumps for $35 so I was a happy camper. Then, we went snorkeling at Anini Beach where we saw 5 turtles. And my bro & dad saw even more when they went out a second time!! They are really cool creatures. I like the speckles on their faces. Again, we only have video from the water today; no photos. I also found a cool treasure: laying on the beach: an upopened coconut!! Obviously I had to get it open. My artistic side also came out a little & I played around with the macro on my camera. (believe me, I say "artistic side" loosely)

I've got a lovely buncha coconuts....deedillydee

It's quite heavy & has a LOT of protective husks...

...which make them difficult to break open. But don't worry: Survivor Man Matt to the rescue!! (he dropped a huge rock on the coconut & it cracked)

Getting the coconut out. It didn't smell all that great.We think it may have been bad.

But of course they still made me try it!! I only had a small taste & it was sweet but not great.

A close up look at the fruit of the coconut.
Pants (left) & dad (right) coming in from a snorkel.

I have a fascination with the holes in the coral. They are just so minuscule & interesting to me.

Some of my favorite corals I found on the beach!

My beloved lulus

My pretty sister

Then, we went mini golfing! I think it was a fairly new course so it was really night. Aaaand let's just say its JUST A GAME AND THEREFORE DOESN'T MATTER WHO WON.

And last but not least, we went to this little pizzeria across the street, you may have heard of it before, Pizza Hut? We had some good ol' pizza & pasta that filled our bellies and came home.

That was quite a long post. I must retire to my beddy bed. Tomorrow our plan is to go shop and have dinner in this cute little town just North of here called Kapa'a...they have an ABC store therefore my mom will be thrilled!

Goodnight mes amis :)


  1. cool pictures! and sorry to hear you lost at mini golf :(
    come home soon!

  2. That vehicle kinda looks like a unimog...ahhh memories.

    I'm so jealous! looks like you guys are having a great time :)

    see you soon.

  3. Eliza it totally did remind me of a unimog!!! It was just like it! FYI - Dylan & Katie were in Mexico this week (Puerto vallarta to be exact) and did the same excursion as us! They loved it too.

  4. Hamster here,i think the picture of you and your sybling is super cute. Can you guys adopt me so i can be in a family pic with you guys? ham spier is really catchy :)