Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby, Oooo

Tonight Heidi & Lindsay dragged me out to see Justin Beibers movie "Never Say Never" - I have to apologize to them because I may have been a bit snarky about going to see it.  (may I also add it was in 3D?) I really had no interest whatsoever in seeing it, as I have never had any sort of interest in the teenage musical wonder, but I still went. Turns out, it was quite entertaining! I definitely didn't catch the "Beiber fever", but maybe a Beiber cold with some sniffles.

His life story is quite interesting: He was born to a young mother and his parents had split up before he was even one, therefore his grandparents helped raised him quite a bit. Since he was a couple years old, he had major rhythm. He was playing the drums by age 6 (I think) and was awesome at it nonetheless. He was essentially discovered on YouTube by signing covers of famous songs for fun. Now, at 16 years old, he sold out Madison Square Gardens in 22 minutes on a recent tour!

This did make me think: what would you do if you were a single mom, your 10 year old son had  incredible talent & you get a call from an agency to fly down to the States and try a recording label? At 10 or 12 years you aren't really able to make your own decisions about your life, so his mom was forced to make life altering decisions for him. How do you make choices such as pulling your elementary school aged child out of school to pursue a potential singing career? Also, look at Britney Spears. She is the prime example of what could do wrong with becoming famous so fast when you are so young. Obviously not all singing sensations will fall into the category that Britney does, but I feel like when there is so much money and fame involved it would be extremely difficult to not.


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