Thursday, February 17, 2011

Google Blogs!

Google itself WRITES a blog!! How cool is that?! Posts are written by Marketing Managers, Business Directors, Engineers etc. I think it's pretty nifty. I think it's pretty much a pump-up Google thing, but still, pretty nifty in my opinion.

Here are some interesting things I learned from reading the blog by Google:

1. Google is selling wedding products. They are also having a giveaway to win $25,000 towards your dream winning! (Go to: )

2. Google had a big kafuffle in China about two years ago. The Chinese government allowed Google to enter their search engine market only if they agreed to sensor certain topics. For example, Tiananmen square was to be blocked. So they did this, in order to fulfill their company mission of "providing the most information to the most amount of people." It ended up being this big ethical dilemma and people were accusing Google of being an awful company for agreeing to censor searches made by Chinese citizens. (This was actually a case study in my info tech class that we discussed on Tuesday night & how I found out about Googles blog!)

3. In July of 2009, Google launched SMS & Internet services in Uganda! (who knew?!)

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