Sunday, February 13, 2011

How do I love thee weekend - let me count the ways!

Ahhh...the weekend. So far mine has been quite productive: after work yesterday, I went to my friend Amandas house and we ate pasta, chatted & watched random things on tv. We drank a bottle of wine that I brought back from Hawaii - pineapple wine! It didn't smell all that great at first, but I liked it because it was really sweet & did actually taste like pineapple. (not sure what else we thought it was going to taste like...) It was super cheap too - I think this bottle was $6 and I purchased it at the Wal-Mart in Hawaii! Gotta love the convenience factor.

Today, I slept in (one of my favorite things in the entire world to do) and went on a family trip to Maple Ridge. My mom, dad, bro & I went to my pick up my Oma & took her for a high end lunch at Tim Hortons and then to the bumpin' Maple Ridge casino! (I think it's the size of my house) She had a good time & enjoyed getting out of the house. Then we stopped by the hospital to see my Opa and it was a party in his room so we just said hi for a few minutes. He is feeling much better than a couple days ago when he had a severe infection; he will likely still be in the hospital for a couple more days though.

We came home and I made dinner; where my dad patiently waited...I think he was hungry.

And now, Grammys & homework. Farewell!

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  1. come over, watch grammy's and drink some boring grape wine? if you're done homework!!!! ;)