Saturday, February 12, 2011


I made a big trip to Winners today to buy hangers! Yup, I am a bit of a closet organizer freak. I have to have all the same hangers (except for the ones for pants; they are all the same) and my clothes all have to be in rainbow order. To me, that's normal but I'm not sure if that is to the average person...I started to accumulate more clothing than hangers hence my trip to Winners. I also bought a cute sweater for $15 - they have all their winter stock on sale currently!

Red to grey in my wardrobe...missing black in this photo! It's the largest section.
JC & I ordered Indian food at work tonight - it was sooooo yummy. We had shahi paneer and pakoray - it was so filling & delicious. She is turning pretty brown herself & is actually quite the good lil' bhangra dancer:


  1. HAhaha I made the blog IN A PICTURE! HIP HIP HURRAY. Friday was such a good night!

  2. You sure did!!!!! I love this picture of you!!!!! Yes, Friday WAS a super duper fun night

  3. Shannon... My closet is exactly the same as yours!! All in ROYGBIV... AND my pants hangers are one colour and my tops hangers are another colour!! haha :)