Monday, February 14, 2011

Pomodoro & Alfredo

As a single gal, I'm sure I don't need to elaborate on my thoughts on V-day. Besides the fact that I ate a heart shaped appetizer at Boston Pizza AND a heart shaped pizza, I barely even noticed that it was Valentines Day! My Valentine (Amanda) & I had a fun dinner & shopping trip this evening that masked the stupid day. 

About a year ago, I read an article in the Province that tugged my heart strings. It was about an organization called Cinemazoo in Surrey that was home to over 300 endangered species, however the rent had been hiked up making it unaffordable for Cinemazoo to remain on the property. The article was pleading for donations & stated that if they could not pay the rent, they would have to euthanize the animals. I was very sad about this, and even looked into having them come to our YMCA summer camps as to help them increase revenue, which turned out not to be super feasible but I was really gung-ho about helping. Anyways, long story short, as I was driving today I saw that they had moved locations and are still happily up & running! I feel very relieved that they appear to be doing ok and that they did not have to shut down. Below is the link if anyone feels like checking out some pictures of some unique pets or finding out any more info.

This picture was on the website - the animals are happy to have a home still!

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