Monday, February 21, 2011

Rrrroll up the rrrrrim to win!

Roll up the rim at Timmy Hortons is baaaaaack! It's like a season all in itself to me: summer, fall, winter, roll up the rim and spring. I am 1 for 1 and won a coffee this morning on my first attempt. Lovely way to start an early morning.

I had a relaxing weekend and didn't really do too much at all; attempted some homework, hung out with the siblings and went to Mitchs hockey game yesterday. JC & I did a photo shoot because we really liked the colors of sweaters we were wearing together. Turns out our sweaters and us didn't make for very great models unfortunately:

Today I went to court! I la-la-love going to court - it makes me want to be lawyer so badly. I only went to traffic violation court, so it wasn't anything too crazy, but still so interesting. I love the structure and formality of it all. I went to fight a ticket with a friend - he ended up getting it reduced by over 50% and more time to pay it in. My suggestion was to fight it entirely (like I did with a seatbelt ticket a couple months back...and won!) but that didn't happen. Then I hung out with some of my fave kids Jenna & Janessa. (Jenna as a ninja turtle below...) We watched Dinner with Schmucks - quite a funny movie actually! I think Steve Carell is so hilarious!

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  1. haha a whole season in itself! you're funny :)