Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Something Old, Something New

How do you sum up a fun filled 8 days with some of your favorite people in the world? Well, you don't. You blog about all the details instead!

Kristina was staying at Lisas house this week, so I decided I would stay there too, It was like a slumber party alllll week long - we called Lisa the concierge because she is such a great hostess and made us breakfasts, dinners, snacks or drinks before either of us could even open our mouths and say we were hungry or thirsty! 

One of the many breakfasts we got: beans, eggs, hash browns, croissants and my favorite, hollandaise sauce!
We went to Big Ridge & Browns Social House on Thursday evening for some good ol' fashioned drinks and appies.

Lisa, Eliza, Kristina, Shannon & Amanda

We might have drank a few too many of these...

On Friday, we helped Eliza & Justin set up for the wedding.  The clubhouse got all set up, and it looked awesome. My favorite were the hydrangea center pieces:

The next day, it got made official: there are now TWO Mrs. Liebregts' in town!  Eliza & Justin tied the knot. Their ceremony was at the adorable Milner Chapel in Langley; it is the cutest church ever and I love how they ring the bell after the ceremony. The reception was at Amandas clubhouse & turned out really well with everyones decorating efforts! Eliza & Justin, boy do you two know how to throw a stellar party. You looked pretty good while you did it too ;) I am so happy for you guys - congratulations again!

Min, Amanda & Krissy


We were trying to "show a little leg"...and then take it all back, Lemon Drop style...!! (Amanda, Shannon, Keri, Eliza, Lisa, Kristina & Min)

Feel the love here?!

First dance!

I laughed so hard when I saw this picture - the look on Justins face is priceless!!

Have I mentioned yet that I caught the bouquet?! Yup, be expecting your wedding invitation soon!! (this is the boy who caught the garter)

I am a sucker for babies, and who can't be a sucker for babies on the dance floor?!
Have I mentioned how much I love weddings yet?! I just adore the excitement and the happiness that surrounds them. I know it's stressful for the person planning it, with all the efforts that go into it, but the actual day always ends up turning out so beautifully. Its so much work, yes, but for such a huge & important day. It's a giant party with all of your friends and family; what is not to love about that?!? I stumbled across this blog that I really enjoy about weddings: http://www.iloveweddings.blogspot.com/

We also went to Eliza & Justins gift opening the next day. Isn't Eliza gorgeous?! 

Beautiful Bride

Believe me, I could go on for pages & pages with my thoughts on weddings. It would include a LOT of exclamation marks and smiles, that's for sure! Eliza & Justin, thank you for allowing me to be included in your special day - I know that's cliche, but I feel very blessed to have you both as my friends.

This morning, it was time for Kristina to go back home to her hubby, girls & puppy. We were sad to see her go, but will definitely cherish our time that we got to spend with her here. I drove her to the airport in Bellingham (at 4 am, I might add) and held back the tears as I dropped her off. Hope to see you again soon buddy. Here is a photo that makes me think of you...our dancing shoes!!

Jenna & Janessa; my kids for the week while staying at the Hotel de Lisa

And so I will wrap up my blog with a photo that also makes me happy:

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