Saturday, February 26, 2011

What is the world coming to?!

Be prepared, I feel like I have a lot to say! So pull up a comfy chair, grab a cup of tea and read on.

I am mad at the Surrey Fire Department. They took away my work buddy from me!! I shed a few tears over the past week about Dylan leaving his current role at the Y because I have worked with him for almost 10 years; the past 5 of that side by side in an office every day. It was fun to work with someone I was so comfortable with and now that will change. It's just going to be so weird on Tuesday when I go to work and he doesn't. Not sure I'm going to like it. But, it's great for him that he has a career that he really wanted and I wish him all the best!

Last night I went to the Foggy Dew with some peeps from the Y, Pants and our cousins Gina and Danielle. We need to hang out waaayyyyyy more - they are so fun.

Today, I had to work & taught a first aid course all day. Then, amongst the blustery snow storm, little sister and I went for dinner to Milestones. It was lovely to spend some solid sister time together. I had a yummy veggie burger with curly fries and she had a chicken burger. Now, I don't know why this bothered me so much, but it did so I'm blogging about it. That's what blogs are for. We noticed, sitting to our right, that there was a family of 4 beside us for the duration of dinner and the younger child of the family was playing on a laptop the ENTIRE time. I know in this day and age that probably isn't shocking to anyone anymore, but it got us talking about how our world is evolving into a society that relies so heavily on technology and so little on social, human interaction. Obviously this is a very bold statement and doesn't reflect everyone out there, but it got us discussing that if my husband and I were taking our two children out for dinner that we would want to put emphasis on family time and talking to each other rather than zoning out on reality. I don't necessarily think this is the most positive habit for children to be picking up. I do understand that 4 year olds are very difficult to entertain for long periods of time, and that they have short attention spans, but I don't think electronics 24/7 are the answer to that. Thoughts?

Speaking of snow, my car doesn't fare too well in the snow. I did a bit of slip and sliding on the hill leaving work today. Emma isn't too much of a snow fan either...but she is a trooper and does what a puppy's gotta do.

Little sister & I also had to stop at Safeway tonight. In the fruit section, while looking at avocados, I saw this sign that I thought was hilarious:

The part that especially cracked me up was the picture of the avocado wearing a scarf!! Does anyone know why avocados are supposed to be refrigerated?! I had no idea. Are these ones special?!


  1. dude I feel the exact same way- it really bothers me too- i feel like that lack of family time (o! and spoiled kids) is what is wrong with crazy teenagers today. o one time i saw a kid playing gameboy in church. that bugged me too. go to effing sunday school and put a cotton ball beard on abraham for pete's sake!

  2. o and the avocado is a cutey with his little scarf :) aw!

  3. Hey Shannon,

    This is my first comment, I hope it's successful!

    I have 2 thoughts:

    1) Yikes, the kids in the restaurant are becoming so common, and it's a sad sight. A colleague of mine went to a workshop on kids born 1990-and on...and the whole premise was on kids who have temper tantrums at home, and how their parents soothe them through technology (video games, movies, etc.). Now transfer that to the classroom: kid has a temper tantrum, the only thing that calms them down are electronics. Isn't that crazy? Still, obviously a generalization, but at least something to think of.

    2) Avocados in the fridge preserve their freshness. If they are on the counter, they ripen way faster. I have also heard that storing avocados in a brown paper bag with a banana also preserves the freshness. Hey, did you know that if you keep the pit in guacomole, it keeps it from going brown???


  4. Thanks sooo much for commenting CD!! I always appreciate it when people comment - it reassures me that people are actually reading my blog and that its somewhat interesting.

    That is super interesting about the workshop regarding kids and electronics. Super scary putting that in a classroom setting...!

    I had NO idea that avocados in the fridge preserved their freshness! I always find it hard to find the PERFECT avocado in the store though and if its not ripe enough then I should leave it on the counter to ripen, right?? Or fridge still?!