Friday, February 25, 2011

Yum x 2

I love breakfast! My favorite is eggs benedict, especially from Rickys. I also had a pretty amazing eggs benny in Hawaii at the Kountry Kitchen.

Currently I am making a breakfast burrito - those are my new fave breakfasts. It's quick & easy and so yummy!! I put refried beans, eggs, cheese and salsa in a wrap and its delish. I am off to watch Regis & Kelly, drink my coffee and eat my breakfast burrito! Yummers.

Whats YOUR favorite breakfast?


  1. mmmm yum! no hot sauce?? ;)
    lately i've been having oatmeal with a bunch of fibre goodness piled on top...o and some cranberries and sliced almonds. if i don't put the almonds on, i'm hungry in an hour. :) that's my good breakfast, if i'm feeling naughty- mcdonalds breakfast. i know you won't judge me.

  2. I LOVE i ever make them NO!
    Hmmm maybe i'll set a waffle maker for my wedding hahahahah