Monday, March 7, 2011

Chili n' Corn Bread

I made good ol' fashioned corn bread and chili for dinner this eve. I've made chili a bajillion times, but I've never made corn bread. I used a recipe I found on, which I have used a lot of other recipes from there before and really liked them. This cornbread was fine, but definitely not amazing. I was excited to post the recipe here if it was really yummy but no dice - I'm going to try it again another time with a different recipe. Oh well; win some lose some. When I make chili, I always make a veggie chili and a meat chili and those turned out well.

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  1. Hey shano! Ok I just have to say that I had some of pants dinner tonight and WOW this was fantastic!!!! Make it again so I can have more! You should be a wedding planner and a cook.