Friday, March 4, 2011

Doritos: The End

I saw a cool Doritos commercial today: basically the premise is that they have two flavors (Onion Rings n' Ketchup and Buffalo Wings n' Ranch) and they want viewers to write an ending to the story in the commercial that destroys one flavor. Kinda cool hey?! Oh and if your ending is chosen, they will shoot it and then air it on tv. Not only is it aired, the prize is $25,000 AND 1% of future sales from the flavor chosen to stay. Anyone wanna get creative with me?!


  1. It's kind of a good idea but it doesn't allow everyone to participate. You need to be not only creative but also a good writer. Some people may have awesome ideas for the commercial but they would be unable to convey their ideas.

    Solution: also allow video creations into the contest.

    P.S. Ketchup and onion ring just sounds gross so I'm going buffalo wing and ranch.

    - Stretch

  2. really?! I thought onion ring and ketchup wouldn't be too too bad actually... but therein lies the beauty of the contest: you have to actually put a bit of effort into!