Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In the NEWS today...

Crazy Much? 

I learned about this bizarre story at school today: there is a 19 year old in Mexico sitting in front of the British embassy starving herself until she gets an invitation to the Royal Wedding of Prince William. Well, do I have news for her! I don't know if they want crazy people at their offense lady...

Coffee & Surgery Anyone?!

This story cracks me up - the emergency room was so busy on at Royal Columbian hospital last week that they put patients in the Tim Hortons. Apparently the Tim Hortons was designed to assist overflow in the hospital; seems like an odd back-up plan though, no? Regardless, I would have been thrilled. Coffee all day for me!!

Stars & Dogs 

I read the Globe & Mail online at work all the time (it's my homepage so I can attempt to keep up with current events world wide) and I always read the Stars & Dogs for the week in stocks. Stars are stocks that are doing well and worth your time to invest in; dogs are not so much a good thing to be investing in. For example, Hewlett-Packard was a dog this week and CIBC was a star. I enjoy reading them because the Globe & Mail has a humorous approach at explaining their reasoning. The explanation for CIBC, for example: "In a world beset by political chaos, economic upheaval and Charlie Sheen, it’s comforting to know some things are still predictable: Canadian banks making truckloads of do-re-mi, for example. Kicking off earnings season, CIBC (CM-T82.09-0.10-0.12%) posted a better-than-expected profit of $799-million for the first quarter, giving the entire sector a lift."

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  1. hi i'll have a large double double and some packed red blood cells please?