Monday, March 7, 2011

Wedding Obsession - via Cake Boss

I am watching "Cake Boss" on TLC as we speak. I really enjoy it because a) I love kitchens b) I love the final product of their cakes & the talent they have c) I love how close of a family they are and how the bakery is a family business and d) They frequently make wedding cakes which I get so intrigued with.

Via, Buddy Valastro answered a few questions about wedding cakes & tips every bride and groom should consider before choosing a wedding cake designer:

Here are Buddy’s Top 5 Questions to Ask: 
1. Are they a reputable company? How long have they been in business?
2. How well do their cakes taste? Arrange a tasting. “A tasting is a great way to get to know the bakery and ask more questions,” he says.
3. How do they deliver? “Do they have refrigerated trucks or will the cake go in the back of their Toyota?”
4. How many cakes can the company do in a weekend? How many can they handle? (Buddy does 50-60)
5. Ask to see their portfolio. “Their portfolio showcases their work, which will prove they have talent. Don’t just show them a picture and have them say, ‘yes I can do that’ without proof of previous work.”

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