Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wrong Industry?

So, I think I am working in the wrong industry. I may not be fantastic or anything, but I just love, love, LOVE weddings! I am helping my friend Hayley (aka Ham) plan her wedding that is in July and could spend hours organizing it all. Thanks to my uber-organized-newly-wedded friend Christy-Dawn, I am using a chart & checklist for Hayleys wedding similar to what Christy-Dawn did. It's not complete yet but it's a start to reflect all items that need to be completed on the day of the wedding. It is crazy how many little things there are that need to be done!!

They are getting married at the beautiful Centennial Lodge at Queens Park in New Westminster:  (I love the fireplace that will be behind the head table!)

Hayley & Anthony
 And last but not least, I totally stole this photo from facebook; a sneak at their recent engagement photos!  (above)

 PS - Speaking of Christy-Dawn...I made her style hashbrowns this morning for breakfast!! Mmm they were so good too. I'm not going to give out the secret recipe but I'll just tell you this: they involve barbeque sauce and nuts and are FABULOUS. 


  1. I agree about the hashbrowns, but minus the nuts :) and I love wedding too! I can't wait for one of us to get married, but when i do! you can help plan. Cause you are starting to be a professional!

  2. wow your venue HAM is BEAUTIFUL