Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"The Carrie Diaries"

I bought a new book yesterday! (on sale at Wal-Mart for $10) It's called "The Carrie Diaries" by Candice Bushnell and it is the prequel to the TV show "Sex and the City", which I am a huge fan of. It is about Carrie, the main character, and her life pre-moving to New York City, meeting her girlfriends and becoming a columnist. I am really excited to read it. Apparently there is a sequel to this book as well, called "Summer and the City" which is the first summer of Carrie living in NYC. That will be my next purchase!

"The Carrie Diaries" Novel

"Summer and the City" Novel

Our girl, Carrie Bradshaw


  1. I call dibs on borrowing it when you're done :)

  2. for sure ker!!!! i'm excited to start it. i'm hoping it'll be a light read too so it won't take me too long.