Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Had a Dream!

I've been having quite vivid and memorable dreams lately - it's pretty amusing. My most recent one (last night) was that I got selected for jury duty again. I went to the initial selection day and thought there was no way in hell they would pick me again so soon, but nope! They chose me. The other jurors were almost entirely the same jurors as the time I did it in June...weird. I thought I was fine with doing it again, but two minutes into the trial starting, I started sobbing immensely in the court room and made a huge scene. I had to be taken aside and talked to and they wouldn't let me out of it!! I was so upset because I felt like I was going to be emotionally scarred for life. This dream was interesting because I don't actually know if emotionally I could handle jury duty again for many, MANY years! So heart-wretching.

The other dream I had was far less emotional and much more cool. Get this: I, Shannon Spier, was chosen to go on a space shuttle mission to outer space!! I will get into the details of it, but when I think back on it, I STILL feel really important. I think that dream will keep me motivated to do a lot for a few months, easily!

So, you know how dreams are really weird and they switch people, locations and what's happening easily? This dream was definitely like that, but the bottom line was the same: they chose me! It started with a series of tests in a gymnasium (like of a high school). I remember there being saran wrap involved. They were really confusing tests and I remember thinking that they had NOTHING to do with outer space. Alas, I still did them! The space shuttle trip was going to be with firefighters so I am guessing that had something to do with my motivation to get chosen. After the series of tests, we all got into the space ship and I texted my dad to tell him I wasn't coming home for a while. (That's normal right, when you are going on space shuttle missions just a quick text to the parents!?) Then, prior to launching off to outer space, we needed to make a quick stop in Afghanistan. To go to a liquor store. (Apparently we were going to drink in the air?!) I remember landing the space shuttle on a beach there (since I was in the front seat!) and the beaches were absolutely stunning. I am not actually sure if Afghanistan has beaches at all?! Let alone nice ones? Then, when back in the space ship, I got handed a menu of what we were going to be eating while in outer space and the girls had a different menu than the boys. Go figure. And then my alarm went off. I was hoping this dream would continue the next night but no dice...

See me there - in the front seat?!


  1. haha that's an awesome dream! that's the worst when you try to fall asleep for a couple more minutes just to 'finish' the story but it never works!

  2. seriously, i wish so badly that dreams could continue!! can we invent that?! ;)

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