Monday, August 29, 2011

Obama's New Economic Advisor

President Obama has named a new Economic Advisor today; Alan Krueger. If approved, he will also be named chairman of Obama's Council of Economic Advisors (which I'm gathering is a big deal!). Krueger is a 50-year old professor at Princeton University and has studied unemployment and the labor economy extensively, with regards to the education levels. He has won awards for his research in these categories & the plan is to launch a jobs program to hopefully assist in decreasing the nations 9.1% unemployment rate.

I have never been one to be amazing at economics (ask any of my economics teachers and I'm sure they will concur!) however the whole unemployment issue is pretty fascinating to me. I am curious what the relationships are between education and employment as per Kruegers studies so I may go do some research and keep y'all posted on my findings!

The major reason this news article struck me was because, well, just LOOK at Mr. Alan Krueger!! Is he a hunk or what?!