Thursday, August 18, 2011

summer time & the livin is easy

Now that school is done for the semester & I don't have to worry about passing finance (which I did!!), I can relax and enjoy the sun a bit. It's just such a nice feeling being done for the semester - when you are in school there is ALWAYS something more you can do. There is ALWAYS textbooks to read, papers to be writing... relaxing just isn't the same.

Here are a few gorgeous bodies of water I would kill to be voyaging to in the last few weeks of summer & gettin' my tan on: (besides my lakehouse, of course!) (and this list could go on & on & on foreverrrrr!)

Super cool modern fountain in this tropical pool!

The Land Down Unda
A yacht boat. How do I find a man with enough money to support this dream of mine?!

San Alfonso Del Mar Resort’ s pool in Chile - over 1,000 m long it is the largest pool in the WORLD! I must go.

Villa Azure in Cape Town



  1. hugh hefner. or someone his age. but honestly. you can do better, way younger & MUCH better looking.

    As for the waterslides. holey moley so so fun.


  2. I don't know where that waterslide one is - I need to investigate!!! Pretty cool tho for sure.

    Hugh Hefner is kinda cute, no?! ;)

  3. Hey Adrienne how do I read your blog?!