Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Previously, I have told y'all about new words that have gotten put into the dictionary (click HERE to see that post). Now, thanks to my friend Justin for sending me this link, they are taking words OUT of the dictionary! What a wild concept. Below are some words that are being removed from the dictionary because they are used too infrequently and considered obsolete:

  • Aerodrome
  • Alienism (meaning the study and treatment of mental illness)
  • Bever
  • Brabble
  • Charabanc
  • Deliciate
  • Frigorific
  • Succedaneum (meaning something used as a substitute)
  • Supererogate
  • Younker
  • Wittol (meaning a man who tolerates his wife's infidelity) 
The article did say that they are not being included in smaller print dictionaries, specifically Collins Dictionary, so I'm not sure what that means about giant, full bodied dictionaries?! Will the words still be kept in large dictionaries? I liked this sentence from the article discussing the issue: "An online dictionary obviously doesn’t face the same  space dilemmas as its paper cousin, but an argument could be made that if a word is rarely used or searched for, it may not matter if it is in the dictionary or not."  I agree.

To read more (or see the full list of words!) check out these sites:



PS - check out the word I made up for this post: Undictionaried! Like it?!

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