Monday, September 5, 2011


I made a conscious decision that I was going to make an effort to attempt to enjoy caesar's, the drink. I always have enjoyed how it comes with a salted & flavored rim and a pickle, celery, vegetable or something else fun to munch on while you sip your cocktail. I ordered one last night at Cactus Club and it looked amazingly delicious. It came with a skewer of vegetables and boccocini cheese which I ate up quickly, but I couldn't bring myself to get more than a few sips down of the drink. It's not even that I hate the taste of it, I think it may be more of a mental problem! I could barely bring the drink up to my lips to sip it. So, Amanda graciously switched her glass of white wine for my caesar and she drank it for me. I may try again another time but for now, I will stick to alternative drinks! Sorry caesar.

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  1. Shan I am in the exact same boat... and I found the key was to order it extra spicy!! (did I already tell you this??)