Monday, September 19, 2011

Claw School

As I do my far-too-frequent random blog stalking whilst I am supposed to be creating income statements, I come across ridiculously funny stuff. Like this excerpt from a blogger in law school:

Dear Bloggess, I just paid about $20,000 for law school, which there is no way I can get back. Unfortunately, I also just discovered I hate law school. What should I do? 
Love, Meg

Spray paint a big C in the Law School’s sign so it looks like it says “Claw School” and then tell them that you thought you were paying to get a degree in fixing claws and ask when the claw lessons start. Then when they explain that this is law school and that claw school doesn’t even exist threaten to sue them for false advertising. Tell them you’ll settle for $20,000 and then if they say no, go to class and constantly interrupt the professor to ask questions about claws and when he doesn’t know the answers be all “WHAT KIND OF CLAW PROFESSOR ARE YOU?” Eventually you’re going to get your money back. Or end up in jail. In which case your law training will come in handy so I hope you were occasionally listening in class and not just thinking up new claw questions.

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