Monday, September 12, 2011


I have blogged about her before and I will continue to blog about her - Ms. Ellen Degeneres. I honestly would vote for her if she were in a competition for funniest person of the world. I think she is so naturally funny and how can you not be entertained watching her show! Also, if you PVR'd the show today or are planning on watching it, you definitely won't need to after you read this post...I got slightly carried away with  my love for Ellen...

Today marked the start of her 9th season and she had some good stuff. Ashton Kutcher was on, talking about how he is taking over on Two and a Half Men - a show I really love currently, so I'm not sure how well it will be received now that crazy Charlie Sheen won't be on! I'll make an effort but no guarantees that I will enjoy it. Also, I did some google-ing and Ashton is making $600,000 per EPISODE! Lucky Demi. Ashton won't be replacing Charlie Sheen's character in the show, he is his own character; what character that is I am not sure yet though. This was the poster for the show that of course, Ellen modified to include her!

There was also a principal (Sherrie Gahn) from an elementary school in Las Vegas who got a donation from Target for $100,000 towards her school for the work she is doing for the kids. There is a high rate of homelessness and poverty in her school and she works hard to ensure that every child gets fed, has clothing etc. It's so heart warming that there are such good people in the world. Her story of children eating "ketchup soup" for dinner was what got me...

Anywho, I will let you watch your own TV now! (Although, Taylor Swift is on soon!!) Ellen's website is pretty fun & easy to browse as well:

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