Saturday, September 3, 2011

My week in pics

The most delicious salad ever from White Spot.

Crescent beach on a semi-gloomy summer day.

Lil' sis & I pre-clouds at Crescent beach (see above)

@ Crescent beach

My pool got a face lift! ($20,000 worth of a face lift, to be exact...) It looks so clean & pretty now.

Leaving the lakehouse with dingys in tow.

The ocean view from Heidi's new house. So relaxing! Me, Heidi & Binz had nachos & Coke on her deck.

Thai food with the book club gals! (@ Sabar Thai on 120 & 75 - was super yummy)

Me & my Thai!

Me, JC & Lil' sis at Mirage last night. It was a YMCA party there!

My gorgeous little baby sister.

It's obviously blurry, but I like this one!! Party gals!

Go karting for our staff summer wrap up!! So fun!! This is Ham rippin' it up.

Pants & Dylan

The whole aquatic gang

Action shots! (aka Shan's photography while driving)

Mrs. Ham

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  1. Your such a bronzed babe in all your pics :)