Friday, September 30, 2011

pinterest & wine

Check out the picture below - how cool is this party idea?? It's a piece of chalk paper that you put on a table to be able to tell your guests what it is you are serving; not even for a wine & cheese party, just any party where there's food available. (which, in my opinion, should be EVERY party...) The actual idea is from the website "Rock Ur Party" (click to visit!) and they have super duper cool party ideas....I could be on this site for very lengthy periods of time. I also love their motto: "Plan now. Party later."

I found out about this site from a local interest site Pintrest (click to visit!) which is kinda like a Twitter deal where you post things & then people can "re-pin" them, except this one is all about ideas, a la the party paper below:

Another cute item that was posted on Pintrest I came across:

I'm procrastinating from writing a paper...gotta go!

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