Friday, September 2, 2011

Too Fast, Too Furious

...and I'm not talking about the movie with my boyfriend Vin Diesel!

On Wednesday, Lindsay and I were taking a drive to White Rock beach to visit Heidi and we got caught up in the middle of an apparent intense car seizure with some of the nicest cars I have ever seen. We had no idea what was going on as we drove down 152nd, but we knew it was something intense because of the million police vehicles and tow trucks.

Turns out, as we read in the papers and saw all over the news, it was a street race on Hwy 99 with 12 luxury cars: Maseratis, Lamborghinis etc. Apparently it was over $2 million worth of vehicles that were seized!!

To read the article in the Province, click this link:

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  1. That guy in your picture is my friend :)