Tuesday, October 11, 2011

blog conference

Omg. There is a blogger conference in LA November 2 - 5. Heidi, let's go on a road trip! Not only will we have fun, we will learn how to have the bestest blogs EVER! There's only a few issues: a) it's in LA b) it's $1,300 for an "all access" pass. That's a little out of my price range unfortunately... Maybe I will start with reading a book or doing some googling...



  1. yeah I've heard of it- there's one in NY too...lets hold out for that one ;) hehe - how fun would THAT be? we could go to NY for 'business'

  2. WHOAAAA that's way cooler than LA. Yes, let's do up a business trip fo sho!! I need to acquire more than 4 people reading my blog first I think...haha...