Monday, October 31, 2011


Since I've been a hardcore Pintrest follower (if you need time wasted, click here!), the food items always happen to catch my eye. I also made french onion soup for dinner last Monday but forgot to take a photo!! I was so bummed. I used a combination of about 6 recipes I found online and it turned out well. I think there were definitely a few changes I would make next time (not as much red wine vinegar, more cheese) but I would still make it again. I am trying to get back into my Monday night dinner routine these days. Any suggestions for this evening?! Keep in mind it needs to be liked by my entire family..which is difficult...sheesh! I sound like my mom :)

Here are a few fun things I like from Pintrest. Let me preface these pictures with saying that I wish I had the ability to throw parties on a daily basis!!

1. Fruit Cones - I feel like this could be used for so many things!

2. Salad in a jar! I think I mostly like this because it is so esthetically pleasing with the layers. 

3. Bacon & eggs made with chocolate & pretzels! How original - it's melted white chocolate with yellow smarties and pretzel sticks.

4. I'm more of a 'cooker' than a baker but these cupcakes are freaking cute. I can't wait to have kids and make fun little things like this for their birthday parties!

5. Speaking of cupcakes, my mom must have made these frog ones a bajillion times for birthday  parties and school functions! (this isn't a picture of them, this is one I Googled) I hope I am a creative baker like my momma was for my kiddies :)

6. She also used to make these witches fingers all the time for Halloween - so yummy! Shortbread with almonds as the nails.

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