Monday, October 31, 2011

I can't resist!

I know that it's Halloween and that it's probably typical to blog about cute lil' costumes, however I seriously can't resist. Especially when there are cute little infant ones!! "1000 Awesome Things"  also blogged cute baby costumes today. Oh, and Happy Halloween. I think it's a dumb holiday; I am so bad at coming up with creative costumes and don't see the point. I do, however, end up doing it on a yearly basis somehow. I was a football player this year - pictures to come still! How original and wild hey ;)

Ok, maybe not a Halloween costume, but how cute/funny is this?!


I LOVE this sushi costume. My baby is defs getting put in this.
This baby is so cute and chubby.

Ok this is Laura who I work with (in red)  and I hope she doesn't mind me using this picture but I thought their Angry Birds costumes were soooo funny! Google "angry birds" if you aren't sure what it's a popular phone game

Saw this on Pintrest - loofahs!!!

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