Monday, October 24, 2011

more wedding fun stuff

I tell ya, by the time I get married I think I will have every single detail planned out for the wedding! haha. I found this super awesome website called "Bridal Snob" which a) is awesome and b) I love the name of. Check out these fun ideas I found on the website:

I like the mis-matched bridesmaids dresses! Maybe not the mis-matched flowers though...

I LOOOOOVE this "watercolor" cake. I came across a lot of cool cakes however I am guessing they are ridiculously expensive and I am not a fan of spending a bajillion dollars on a cake!

so cute.

Love the bow on this dress. Maybe sans sleeves?

Such bright, fun colors!


  1. we have to start a wedding binder for you (*secret wedding binder)!

  2. oh my gosh i would love that. until we do, i will continue to blog about it ;) hehe

  3. I LOVE the shoes!! Hey Shan... which was your year for getting married? (I think 2012 might have been mine... I better get on it!! haha!!)

  4. I know aren't they fun?! I will buy them for you Ker for your wedding next year ;)

    I think you were 2012, Min 2013, Amanda 2014 and me 2015...I think!! I have a few years I guess...