Thursday, October 6, 2011

Once again...

...I am having BlackBerry issues. I am so frustrated. It's the SAME issues as I was having whilst living at the lake house in August that I paid to get fixed. Obviously I will bring it back to the place where I paid to have it fixed and politely demand they re-fix it, but still!! It's a pain in the ass to have a non-functioning phone. I have to scrounge up my old iPhone and it's slow as molasses in January. Plus, it doesn't have an updated list of contacts or an updated calendar which drives me nutty - we all know how much I love my calendar!!

I will stop my rant here before I appear to be a babbling BlackBerry burner. (That's called an alliteration, FYI! Re-learned that in creative writing this week....)

Today was a long day as I started work at 7 am, worked all day, went to school 4 - 7, had a group meeting  7 -8 pm and then went to get the house keys for where I am house sitting for this weekend. I'm sleepy and exhausted, to say the least.

Now I'm going to work on some budget items that I need done for work tomorrow morning...ahh! Can I just say that I feel kinda cool being able to say I have a budget at work?! Weird!! But definitely cool.

I will leave you with this great thought for you to have sweet dreams with:

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